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Bana Tea Company offers a thoughtful selection of premium Pu-erh teas that were researched with great pleasure.
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Bana 7-Tea Variety Sampler

Would you like to try 7 of Bana Tea Company's premium teamaster selected Pu-erh teas? Our Tea Sampler Set is a terrific value at only $22 plus shipping. We designed this beautifully packaged Tea Sampler Set to help tea connoisseurs discover the diverse flavors of the Pu-erh teas that Bana offers. A sheer organza sack tied with a satin ribbon contains 7 labeled samples of loose tea chipped off of our Pu-erh tea cakes and bricks. Also included is a mini brochure with descriptions on each tea in the sampler as well as brewing instructions for best results. This sampler makes a wonderful companion gift for a gift certificate or any of our accessories, especially for the novice Pu-erh enthusiast. The sampler consists of Bana Limited Edition, Denong Red Label, Denong Wild Ripe Pu-erh, Enchanting Beauty, Ginseng Scent Ripe, Red Label Iron Discus, and Treasures from Five Mountains Raw Pu-erh. Each sample contains 8 grams of tea leaves (.28oz)

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Click on a title below for more information on each tea in the Bana Variety Sampler:

Bana Tea Company Limited Edition Raw Pu-erh (2008 vintage)
Produced from ancient 100-400-year-old tea trees, this tea presents a crisp freshness with a delicate dried apricot flavor.

Denong Red Label (2004 vintage)
Broken from cakes, this tea has been aged in Kunming, Yunnan for over a decade. The word to describe this tea is delicious – clean, savory and sweet.

Denong Wild Ripe Pu-erh (2013 vintage)
Made with leaves from wild tea trees, this tea is rich, complex and smooth. With a full-bodied, syrupy finish in the throat, this savory tea works for all occasions.

Enchanting Beauty (2015 vintage)
Soft and silky, this tea offers bamboo and ginger flower flavors. It leaves a natural and refreshing sensation in your mouth and throat.

Ginseng Scent Ripe (2005 vintage)
This ripe Pu-erh is thick, brothy, and savory. It finishes with a cooling sensation on your mouth that is similar to the aftertaste of Ginseng soup.

Red Label Iron Discus (2015 vintage)
This tea is full-bodied, vigorous, balanced, and possesses the unique Menghai characteristics. This cake is expected to be a prized collective item in the future.

Treasures from Five Mountains Raw Pu-erh (2011 vintage)
This blend presents an array of flavors that morph from brew to brew, switching from honey to plum to longan and lotus.

Customers have made these comments about the Original Bana Tea Sampler:

"I just wanted to say thanks for the great Pu-erhs. I thoroughly enjoyed every tea in the tea sampler I bought. The lovely, caring presentation and thorough info sheets that came with it just sealed the deal." -- T.P.

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