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Bana Raw Pu-erh Sampler

We've selected 7 of Bana Tea Company's premium raw Pu-erh teas for this set. They range from lively to mellow, from exotic to personal favorites. Our Raw Pu-erh Tea Sampler is a terrific value at only $23.00 plus shipping. We designed this beautifully packaged set to help tea connoisseurs discover the diverse flavors of Bana's raw Pu-erh teas.

Packaging is suitable to present as a gift with a sheer organza sack tied with a satin ribbon. Also included in the sack is a mini brochure with descriptions on each tea as well as brewing instructions for best results. This sampler makes a great gift, especially coupled with one of our brewing accessories or a Gift Certificate. The sampler includes Bana Tea Company Limited Edition, Fragrant Spring, Mensung Secret Garden, Moonlight White from Jingmai, Nannuo Ming Qian, Purple Tip, and Treasures from Five Mountains. For more information, see individual tea descriptions below. The 7 labeled samples of tea are chipped off of our Pu-erh tea cakes or are already loose leaf. Each sample is 8 grams of tea (.28 oz) for a total of 56 grams of tea (2 oz).

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Included in the Bana Raw Pu-erh Sampler:

Bana Tea Company Limited Edition (2008 vintage)
Produced from ancient 100 to 400-year-old tea trees, this tea presents a crisp freshness with a delicate dried apricot flavor.

Fragrant Spring (2010 vintage)
The freshness and elegance of this crystal-clear pale yellow brew engenders both the freshness and the timelessness of an ancient tea forest.

Mensung Secret Garden (2013 vintage)
Soft and flavorful, this tea exudes a strong “hui gan” that cools the back end of your mouth for an extended periods of time.

Moonlight White from Jingmai (2012 vintage)
Moonlight White is famed for its intoxicating aroma. Meticulously processed, this tea is impressively smooth, full-bodied and creamy.

Nannuo Ming Qian (2012 vintage)
Nannuo is known for its softness, fragrance and sweetness. It has a savory quality with a long lasting after-tase.

Purple Tip (2008 vintage)
This tea has a deep malty flavor with a strong, comforting, yet invigorating aftertaste. Packed with anti-oxidants, this young cake possesses the character and “qi” of a much older cake.

Treasures from Five Mountains (2011 vintage)
This blend of leaves from five different tea mountains in the Lincang area is a harmonious brew with complimentary layers of flavors.

Customers have made these comments about the Original Bana Tea Sampler:

"I just wanted to say thanks for the great Pu-erhs. I thoroughly enjoyed every tea in the tea sampler I bought. The lovely, caring presentation and thorough info sheets that came with it just sealed the deal." -- T.P.

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